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Brandy's Endorsements

"Brandy Williams has my support for reelection to City Council. She's smart, energetic and really cares about Colorado Springs. We need young leaders with fresh ideas and new perspectives. She has already served two years on Council. She knows what she's doing. We can trust her to do what's best for Colorado Springs, not what's best for special interests."

Former Mayor, Mary Lou Makepeace

"I am supporting Brandy Williams for City Council, she is the new generation of strong, reasonable Leadership."

Downtown Business Owner, Richard Skorman

"As a young professional she is asking the hard questions and raising the bar for the next generation of future leaders in our community. We need her to continue her work on expanding business and jobs in our community."

Former City Councilwoman, Mary Ellen McNally

"I endorse Brandy Williams for Re-election to City Council."

Local Businessman, Chuck Murphy

"As a Native to Colorado Springs, Brandy is committed to our community, and as Young professional has the energy to move our community forward."

Local Restaurant Owner, Joe Coleman

"Brandy is a dedicated, hard worker that puts the best interest of the community first. She works collaboratively to find solutions. Brandy has commitment and the energy to serve our community."

Former City Councilman, Larry Small

Other Endorsements:
Colorado Springs Independent
Down Town Residence Coalition
Sierra Club

Individiuals: Dave Anderson, Dick Anderwald, Janis Anderwald, Zach Atchinson, Lucy Bell, Esther Beynon, Esther Beynon, Al Brody, Mel Burgas, Beth Byer, Charlie Campbell, Carolyn Cathy, Joyce Cheney, Joe Coleman, Owen Cramer, Becky Cramer, John Crandall, Kathy Crandell, Maggie Deadrick, Kara Durland, Pam Freeman, Jim Freeman, Gary Gabrielson, Karen Gades, Jessica Gladney, Henry Graski , Diana Graski, Erin Hannab, Pat Hansen, Melissa Hart, Andrew Hershberger, Linda Hodges, Jon Horton, James Howald, Judi Ingelido, Rolf Jacobson, Ellen Johnson-Fay, Stephen Kaczmarek, Bob Lally, Patrick Lawrence, David Lord, Thayer Maclay, Mike Maday, Pam Maier, Mary Lou Makepeace, Elliot Mamet, Chris Mayo-Smith, Lindsay McCeedy, Mary Ellen McNally, Michael Merrifield, Lee Milner, Chuck Murphy, Jacquie Ostrom, Sheena Pasko, Joseph Poch, Pablo Quinines, Vic Schwab, William Sheehan, Richard Skorman, Larry Small, Mark Snyder, Karen Teja, Lionel Washington, Travis Williams, Consuelo Williams, Madeline Zusman
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